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Residents in High Rises and Homes facing open water advised to take Extra Measures

(Sunday, September 28, 2003, 6:00 p.m.) Halifax Regional Municipality wishes to issue an additional, precautionary advisory to residents in high rise buildings and homes facing open water, with regards to the impending Hurricane. Hurricane Juan is anticipated to make landfall between 10 p.m.and 12 midnight in the vicinity somewhere between Mahone Bay and Halifax Harbour.

Winds are now being forecast to reach more than 120 km per hour with gusts up to 150 km per hour. As residents in high rises or buildings directly facing the open water are more subject to risk of high winds, they are being advised to take extra precautions in securing their windows or considering voluntary evacuation.

Other residents are cautioned to make preparations in anticipation of the hurricane, such as battening down all vessels, loose lawn furniture and other outdoor items, and to be prepared to shelter in their own homes in the event that power is disrupted.

Residents who live in areas prone to flooding or oceanfront properties under 6 feet above sea level, from Sambro to Clam Harbour ,should also be prepared to consider voluntary evacuation. Official Evacuation orders will be issued should it be deemed necessary as the Hurricane progresses. Municipal EMO Staff and additional operations staff are on standby to deal with the anticipated impact of the hurricane.

Please stay tuned to your local media outlets for further regular updates. For more information please contact the HRM Customer Call Centre at 490-4000 or check the HRM Website at Any calls concerning sewer back-ups, flooding or trees-down should be made to 490-4000 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 835-6428 .

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