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Issues Christmas Tree Tags to HRM Tree Lots

(Tuesday, December 9, 2003) - The Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency have issued tree tags to Christmas Tree Lots in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The Christmas Tree tags have lots of helpful tips about the proper safety precautions for caring for your Christmas tree and will help to generate a fire safe Christmas.

Some of the tips include:

  • Buy a freshly cut tree. Beware of trees with brittle or shedding needles.
  • If storing, keep in a cool place with the tree base set in water. Cut at least 1" off trunk to help absorb water.
  • Set up tree in a sturdy, non-tip tree stand containing water.
  • Consider adding guy lines to support a big tree, or when displayed outdoors.
  • Keep tree away from heat (radiators, hot air ducts, T.V., fireplace, etc.).
  • Remember, your tree gets thirsty. Check water level daily. When water absorption stops....discard tree.
  • Don't rely on self-applied aerosol sprays, or other chemical treatment to protect your tree from fire.

As well, a few pointers on how to properly dispose of natural Christmas trees;

  • Dispose of tree on green cart collection day;
  • Ensure tree is free of ornaments; string and nails;
  • Do not place tree in plastic bag.

If you did not receive a tree tag, please contact Fire Prevention at 490-5546.

For further information contact:

John Blandin, Public Information Officer
Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Service

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