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Halifax Regional Council Gives Go Ahead to Conclude Negotiations for Sewage Treatment Plants

(Tuesday, December 16, 2003) - HRM Regional Council tonight agreed with a staff recommendation to conclude final negotiations for the construction of three advanced primary sewage treament plants.

HRM staff have made significant progress with the private consortium (Dexter Construction Company Limited and Degremont S. A.) on the technical terms and requirements for the design and construction of Advanced Primary Sewage Treatment Plants for Halifax, Dartmouth and Herring Cove. The terms of the agreement will require compliance with effluent, noise and odour parameters that, in conjunction with the implementation of an aggressive Pollution Prevention(P2) Program, will enable HRM to meet the requirements of the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour.

Mayor Peter Kelly said "This represents a significant step forward for the Harbour Solutions Project. Advanced primary treatment is an excellent first step in the cleaning of our Harbour and gives HRM the option to move to secondary treatment in the future."

In August 2003, Halifax Regional Council signed an $115.7 million sewage collection system (SCS) infrastructure agreement with Dexter Construction. Work on the SCS was officially launched on November 12, 2003. The SCS will be connected to the three new sewage treatment plants in Halifax, Dartmouth and Herring Cove.

With regard to the overall Harbour Solutions Project, HRM expects to deliver an enhanced project within its original budget of net $330 million and still take approximately 54 months to complete. The Federal Government has confirmed its commitment to contribute $30 million, and the Province of Nova Scotia will start to contribute $30 million over a 15-year period, as well as approximately $2 million in required land.

Staff will return to Council in mid January 2004 to publicly present the final contracts for formal ratification.



Brad Anguish, Director, EMS

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