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Residents Urged to Clear Catch Basins

(Monday, March 1/2004)-- In light of the rain forecast for the Halifax Regional Municipality tomorrow evening and Wednesday, residents are urged to clear catch basins in front of their property to help prevent flooding in their area.

HRM's Technical and Underground Service (TUGS) crews have been trying to clear the municipality's 4,200 catch basins, but the job may not be entirely completed by the time the forecast rainfall arrives. They will be working through the night tonight, trying to clear as many catch basins as possible.

The forecast rainfall, coupled with the run-off from snow melting, could cause flooding conditions in some neighbourhoods. HRM crews have cleared the usual "hot spots" and are now working on catch basins in the low lying areas.

As an extra precaution to try and prevent any flooding on their own property and in their own neighbourhood, residents are urged to clear blocked catch basins in front of their property.


John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531

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