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Dog Defecation

(April 13, 2004)- Dog defecation is a nuisance and presents a health hazzard to the residents of the HRM. In addition to being unsightly, dog feces may contain canine diseases and parasites. Dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs are putting people and other dogs at risk. The HRM requests resident's assistance in achieving compliance with municipal legislation regarding dog defecation.

Dog owners are required to immediately pickup and dispose of their dog's defecation, if their dog defecates on any property other than that of its owner. Failure to do so is a violation of Part II Section 14 of HRM By-Law D-100. If owners are not picking up after their dogs in your area, contact HRM Animal Control Services at 468-9219 (no charge dial - 1-866-468-9219) to register a complaint.

Property owners are ultimately responsible for picking up and disposing of any dog defecation on their property. Failure to do so is a violation of the Municipal Government Act Part XV Dangerous Or Unsightly Premises. If there are properties in your area that are dangerous or unsightly due to dog defecation, contact HRM By-Law Enforcement Services at 490-4000 (no charge dial - 1-800-835-6428) to register a complaint.

Dog defecation may be disposed of by putting the waste in a regular garbage bag, preferably double bagged, and placing it for roadside collection or by flushing the waste down the toilet. Animal waste should never be put in a green cart or down a storm drain.

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Wendy Mansfield
Communications Officer, Community Projects
(902) 490-5673

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