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Apartment Project Decision Appealed to URB

(Wednesday, May 19/2004)-- The District 9 Citizen's Association and a number of residents of Springhill Road in Dartmouth are appealing the decision of Harbour East Community Council to approve a rezoning and development agreement for an apartment building located at 10 Springhill Road.

Councillor Jim Smith said "This will be an important appeal for the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (URB) to rule on, because there may be negative implications for the Tuft's Cove area if the rezoning does receive final approval." The appeal was filed today.

The Councillor said area residents are very upset that a property is being re-zoned R-3, because the decision goes against the intent of the Tuft's Cove Neighbourhood Improvement Plan of 1978. That plan provided the impetus for the area to be down-zoned to R-2 in order to stabilize the residential character of the area and to protect it from the influx of multiple housing projects.

" The residents are very concerned that this R-3 re-zoning will set a precedent and open the floodgates to further application s of a similar nature" he said. "It will be interesting to see if the URB agrees that the method of re-zoning is an appropriate measure to use to address an issue of illegal apartments. In addition, we want to see if there are alternatives available that more appropriately follow the Municipal Planning Strategy and the intent of the Tufts Cove Plan."


Councillor Jim Smith
District 9 (Albro Lake- Harbourview)
(902) 229-8887

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