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HRM Seeking Injunction Against Waste Hauler

(Tuesday, November 16/04)-- Halifax Regional Municipality has applied to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court for an injunction to stop the illegal transfer of waste materials outside its boundaries.

Legal Services filed papers with the Court earlier this month against GTI, a local waste hauling company, seeking an injunction for alleged violation of HRM By Law S-602, Section 16.3 "Waste Export."

HRM alleges that GTI transported waste materials collected in the municipality and transported them across the county line into another municipality for disposal. In other words, it is alleged the hauler collected the materials a cost based on disposal fees in HRM, and then disposed of the materials in another county at a lower rate, thereby, potentially increasing its profit.

Mayor Peter Kelly said “"At issue is the sustainability of the HRM’s state-of-the-art solid waste/resource management system. Taxpayers have made a significant investment in our world-class system, and any potential for profiteering at the expense of our residents must be checked. Regrettably, we have had to take this action but we had no other alternative but to take the appropriate steps to protect the integrity of our system and our solid waste by-law.”


Mayor Peter Kelly
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John O’Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
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