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Councillor Takes Steps to Protect Shubie Park, Adjacent Lands

(Friday, December 3/04)-- District 6 Councillor Andrew Younger is taking steps to protect Shubie Park and adjacent lands from any potential development threats in the future.

The East Dartmouth - The Lakes Councillor has initiated the process of re-zoning lands in, and adjoining, Shubie Park to Park Zone.

"One of my priorities is protecting Dartmouth's public parklands and the lake watershed for generations to come," says Councillor Younger. "The first step in protecting and preserving these lands is to ensure they are properly zoned."

Currently, only the land on the campground side of Shubie Park is zoned "Parkland".

HRM lands south of Lake MicMac and southwest of Lake Charles, are zoned "Holding," which permits a wide range of development possibilities (i.e. permits single unit dwellings and limited recreational and institutional uses). Lands within Shubie Park to the southwest of the Shubenacadie Canal are also zoned "Holding". A small portion of land within the park is zoned "Commercial"(Note: the Fairbanks Centre/interpretive centre is zoned R-1 and should not change because this zone allows for museums - Park Zone will not be applied)

Councillor Younger said that in 1975, the Halifax-Dartmouth Regional Plan designated all the above lands as part of a proposed regional park system. However, little or no action was taken on this plan; and, as a result, lands located across from the MicMac Mall were subsequently developed for residential use. While HRM has no current plans to develop or sell any of these lands, re-zoning will offer better protection and a level of comfort for area residents regarding these lands.

One portion of the lands includes a part of the former O'Toole Estate, located between Highway 118 and the shores of Lake Charles, which was originally purchased for Akerley Boulevard and Industrial/Commercial purposes. The entire O'Toole estate fronted Windmill Road, and while most of it has been used for the expansion of Burnside Industrial Park , the portion between Highway 118 and Lake Charles remains untouched. It consists of approximately 300 acres. This property is adjacent to the site of a proposed new Highway 118 interchange.

Councillor Younger says the re-zoning application is expected to go before Harbour East Community Council on January 6. A public hearing would follow in late January or early February.
Councillor Andrew Younger
(902) 476-1727 (cell)

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