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Snow Storm Update #3 - November 14, 2004

(Sunday, November 14/04 21:00 P,M,)-- Emergency Measure Organization (EMO) officials expect that most major streets and roads in Halifax Regional Municipality will be passable and open to traffic again by morning.

Snow and ice crews are continuing clean-up operations, following an early winter storm which has virtually paralysed many communities throughout the region.

There continues to be widespread power outages throughout HRM and in many other areas of Nova Scotia, and many residents have been without electricity since early Sunday morning. HRM has been advised by Nova Scotia Power that it may be several days before electricity is restored to
all areas affected.

One of the areas most affected by the power outages is North Dartmouth. As a result, beginning at 9:30 p.m. tonight, HRM will open “comfort centre” at Number 12 fire station, 45 Highfield Park Drive. It’s a short-term visit centre for area residents who may want to warm themselves and enjoy a hot drink. The centre, which will be staffed by volunteers from the Canadian Red Cross, cannot offer overnight accommodation.

HRM is urging residents to offer a helping hand to neighbours who may need assistance, particularly seniors. Those without electricity are urged to seek alternate accommodation, if possible, with family or friends.

For the latest update on when power is expected to be restored in the various areas, media outlets are requested to contact Nova Scotia Power.

Fire hazards/Safety- Due to the power outages in many areas, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency advise residents to exercise extreme caution if forced to use candles for light and fireplaces/heaters as a source of warmth. Candles should be kept safely away from children and residents are advised to ensure there is proper ventilation if they are using fireplaces/heaters at all times.

Burnside Industrial Park- Burnside Park is expected to be plowed and cleared overnight. The Park has been closed to traffic all day Sunday as Nova Scotia Power crews cleared and removed downed lines. Electricity may not be restored to Burnside by morning, so it will be up individual businesses to decide whether or not to re-open on Monday.

Downed Power Lines- HRP and RCMP caution members of the public to exercise extreme caution if power lines are downed in their neighbourhood. Residents are urged to contact Nova Scotia Power as quickly as possible to report downed lines.

Traffic- Halifax Regional Police and RCMP advise motorists to expect delays in the Monday morning drive period. Snow and ice crews are continuing to focus on keeping major arteries, transit routes and hospital routes open. All residential streets may not be cleared for a day or two.

Transit/Ferry Service- Transit users are advised to expect delays in the morning. Some of the buses that normally travel to Burnside may have to be directed because of downed power lines. Other routes may also be affected because of snow and ice conditions.

Solid Waste Collection- Residents are advised to expect delays for regular compost and waste material collections on Monday. The Otter Lake facility was closed Sunday due to the power outage, but officials are hoping it will be operational in the morning.

John O’Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 476-3802

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