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Entire Metro Transit Bus Fleet to adopt use of Biodiesel Fuel

(Tuesday, October 12, 2004)- Halifax Regional Municipality is switching its entire transit bus fleet to biodiesel fuel, effective this week.

The biodiesel product, a blend of a 20% bio-fuel and 80% regular diesel, has been tested in a sample of Metro Transit buses since last winter. The bio-fuel is a by-product of the production of Omega-3 Oil, which refined from fish oil.

In testing completed at other trials throughout North America, it was found that the blending of this product with diesel fuel dramatically reduced particulate matter emissions by almost 18%, carbon dioxide by 16 % and unburned hydro-carbons by 11%. Similar tests have been conducted by HRM’s Fleet Services, in conjunction with Environment Canada Emission Research and Measurement Division. These tests have only recently been completed and results are still pending.

Paul Beauchamp, General Manager Fleet Services, Real Property & Asset Management (RPAMS), said "We are confident of the bio- fuel’s performance and that it will deliver substantial benefits in reduction of tailpipe emissions for the Metro Transit bus fleet". He added, "There is a cost increase of less than 1% associated with adopting the use of B-20 fuel, and the outcomes will ensure that HRM is closer to its goal of providing a leadership role in reducing practices that contribute to global warming-mainly through greenhouse gas emissions".

RPAMs will continue to research the use of biodiesel in other diesel-fuelled vehicles, as well as the
potential for using biodiesel for heating municipally-owned buildings.

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Paul Beauchamp
General Manager, Fleet Services
Real Property & Asset Management
Tel: (902) 490-6604

Lori Patterson
Manager Public Affairs
Metro Transit
Tel:(902) 490-6609

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