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Mayor Looks Forward to Minister’s Support

(Thursday, March 10, 2005) The Provincial Minister of Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations, Barry Barnet addressed the media recently, with respect to HRM Regional Council’s spending and also on the plan to offer a Tax Credit Program as short term relief for homeowners whose tax bills exceed the average increase.

In response to the Provincial Minister’s comments, Mayor Peter Kelly said, “I am pleased for what appears to be support of our Tax Credit Program. While disappointed with the comments about HRM’s Budget, they are not accurate and HRM would be pleased to brief the Minister and his staff, should interest exist.”

He added, “Taxpayers expect HRM and the Province to work together for their benefit. HRM is committed to doing so and I hope the Province has a similar commitment to this outcome. Looking beyond the Minister’s comments, I know this to be the case, and look forward to improving our joint focus on the real issues the public expects us to address”.

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Mayor Peter Kelly




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