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Kelly Puzzled, Concerned Over Plan to Reduce Port Policing

(Thursday, March 17/05)-- Mayor Peter Kelly said today he is concerned the Halifax Port Authority appears to be willing to compromise on port security and policing simply to improve its bottom line.

Mayor Kelly urged the Port Authority to refocus its efforts on operating a world-class competitive port, rather than looking to land developments and other interests to diversify their operations.

The Mayor said he finds it incredible that the Port Authority is reported to be considering reducing the number of officers now patrolling the port properties and the number of hours they will work.

He said he finds it puzzling that the Federal government is providing huge sums of money to Vancouver, Montreal and other ports to upgrade policing and security, but little is said about what efforts, if any, are taking place in Halifax.

“At a time when every major port in North America continues to ramp up its security and policing, the port of Halifax is looking to save money by reducing the size of its policing operation and basically only providing coverage Monday to Friday, during regular business hours, “ Mayor Kelly said. “Let’s keep in mind the port is a 24-7 operation and the criminal element certainly doesn’t restrict their activities to regular business hours.”

Mayor Kelly’s concerns were echoed today by the head of Canada’s Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, Senator Colin Kenny. Compared to European ports, he said Canadian ports are making a mistake by putting economics ahead of security.

Media reports this week indicated that the Halifax Port Authority was looking at reducing the number of police protecting its properties from nine officers now, down to three. Also, there would be no police protection at nights or on weekends.

Halifax Regional Police has been contracted by the Halifax Port Authority in recent years to provide policing services. The current contract expires at the end of this month.

Mayor Kelly said “I hope this plan to reduce the number of officers and policing hours is simply not a bargaining ploy to try and get a better price from HRP. If the Port Authority has real financial concerns, then let them tell us about it and maybe we can find a solution. But let’s not jeopardize the safety and security or the port for the sake of saving a few dollars.”


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