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HRM Council, Committee Reports Now Available Online

(Monday, April 4/05)-- Effective today, the public has even greater access to information and documents related to items coming before Halifax Regional Council or Committee of the Whole meetings.

Staff reports and other documents/information supporting agenda items for meetings of Halifax Regional Council and Committee of the Whole are now available online at the HRM website

In an effort to enhance public access to municipal documents and to provide greater convenience to residents of HRM, the Municipal Clerk's Office will now include links from agenda items to corresponding documents in the Council/Committee of the Whole agenda packages.

This is the link to follow: /council/agendasc/cagenda.html

Agendas for Council and Committee of the whole meetings are posted on the HRM website late on the Friday prior to the regular Council and/or Committee of the Whole meetings usually held on Tuesdays..

The new links to the agenda items will be made available to the public by noon on the Monday preceding the Council and/or Committee of the Whole meeting.
It is anticipated that, in the coming months, this enhancement will also be provided to Community Council agendas.


John O’Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531




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