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Councillor Concerned about Pedestrians Crossing Bicentennial Highway

(Wednesday, June 29/05)-- Councillor Mary Wile said today she is concerned about the safety of teenagers and others crossing the busy Bicentennial Highway from the Clayton Park West area to go swimming or partying at Susie’s Lake.

Councillor Wile is working closely with policing services to monitor the situation and educate citizens crossing the highway about the dangers.

“This is one of the busiest sections of highway in Nova Scotia. Traffic moves at high-speeds on the Bicentennial Highway and I am afraid that someone is going to get seriously injured or killed if this unsafe practice continues,” she said. “I understand that some young people have been seen crossing the median carrying boxes of beer or liquor, and this makes the situation even more dangerous if they are under the influence of alcohol.”

Councillor Wile urges parents in the Clayton Park West area to warn their children and teenagers of the dangers of crossing the Bicentennial Highway.

“No one wants to see anyone injured. If we approach this situation pro-actively now, perhaps we can avoid a lot of regret and personal agony in the future if anyone were to be seriously injured or killed,” Councillor Wile said.


Councillor Mary Wile
(902) 476-2048




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