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More Success Stories for Healthy Kidz Program

(Thursday, July 21/05)-- Councillor Patrick Murphy said today the $50,000 in new funding for the Mulgrave Parks “Healthy Kidz” program should result in a number of new success stories for youth at risk in that community.

“This program helps young people at a crossroads in their life, when they need strong problem-solving skills and clear goals set for themselves,” Councillor Murphy said. “It often means the difference between them turning to a life of crime or becoming a good, solid citizen and a valuable member of our society. Healthy Kids helps them to turn their lives around.”

The Mulgrave Park Tenant’s Association program was among 44 projects throughout Nova Scotia to receive funding today under the National Crime Prevention Strategy for building safer communities.

Councillor Murphy said this funding, plus other financial and in-kind contributions, and strong support from the community is helping to create a network of support for young people.

“As part of the program, parents, caregivers and other adults act as positive role models for the thirty to forty young people in the program at any given time. In addition, the Mulgrave Park community adds to that support, to give these young people the encouragement and commitment they need to succeed,” he said.

Councillor Murphy extended his congratulations to the Mulgrave Park community and the organizers of the Healthy Kidz program.


Councillor Patrick Murphy
(902) 476-2238

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