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HRM Parking Enforcement Goes Hi-Tech

(Wednesday, August 31/05)-- Halifax Regional Municipality’s 11 parking enforcement commissionaires are going hi-tech today.

They’re putting aside the traditional ticket book and pen and moving to new hand-held Electronic Ticket Issuers.

The new technology will provide daily data transfer to the Parking Ticket Management System, which will result in improved validation of outstanding tickets. This will provide citizens with timely information for payment of parking tickets through the HRM website or over the telephone.

In addition, the new units will increase accuracy through human error and not allow repeat offenders to monopolize much-needed parking in the urban core. These Electronic Ticketers will ensure that 100% of the tickets scheduled for prosecution will proceed through the courts.

The new system will integrate with the municipality’s existing Parking Ticket Management System. However, there are additional reporting features provided that will enhance parking ticket information and improve the management of enforcement activities.

Several cities are currently using this method of parking ticket issuance. They include Kingston and Niagara- on- the- Lake, in Ontario; City of Huntington Beach, California; and the Town of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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John O’Brien
Manager, HRM Corporate Communications


Kim Fader
HRM Parking Enforcement Office




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