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HRM’s First Economic Strategy to be Presented to Regional Council for Approval

(Tuesday, October 18, 2005) - Over the past several months HRM staff have been working closely with businesses, government, community leaders and citizens to define our region’s economic future and the specific actions required to get us there. The development of the region’s first comprehensive Economic Strategy is the result.

“We owe HRM’s current success to the investments we made in the past,” said Mayor Kelly. “Now we need to make the strategic business decisions that will foster our economic success in the years to come.”

Development of the strategy was lead by Project Manager, Fred Morley and an advisory committee chaired by Acting CAO, Dan English. The strategy will be presented to Regional Council for approval this evening.

The strategy is built on information and feedback from four main sources: ideas drawn from the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Summit, consultation with organizations concerned with economic development, a web-based leadership survey and business interviews.

The strategy sets out a vision for transforming HRM by the year 2010. Five key goal areas are highlighted. They include:

Supercharge our Labor Force
By 2010, HRM’s bustling job market will compel our young and ambitious to stay and make our community a magnet for highly trained immigrants and expatriates.

Leverage our Creative Community
By 2010 the HRM’s investments in social and cultural infrastructure will enhance the city’s persona as one of the most vibrant and unique communities on the continent.

Capitalize on our Reputation
By 2010, HRM’s renown as one of the continent’s great cities – a beautiful, immensely livable place that teems with history and creativity – will draw top-drawer companies and people to our community.

Convert Rivalries into Partnerships
By 2010, each partner in the HRM’s future will work in sync to propel our economy forward in a way that improves the quality of life for every citizen.

Create a Gung-Ho Business Climate
By 2010, HRM will possess the best business climate in Canada, one able to kick-start and grow ambitious new enterprises and attract exciting companies from anywhere on the globe.

Mayor Kelly is confident the new strategy points the municipality in the right direction. “The excellent work of the economic advisory committee and HRM staff will set the stage for a strong economic future in HRM.”

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Deborah Story
HRM Corporate Communications
(902) 490-6531




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