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Councillor Urges Province to Stop 24-Hour Highway Work

(Tuesday, November 8, 2005) - Councillor Andrew Younger urged the Province today to limit the hours of operation for construction work at the Highway 118 interchange site. With construction again ramping up, 24 hour operations have resumed on the highway construction.

“It is not acceptable for the Province to allow its construction projects to run 24 hours a day when the work taking place is as close to residences as this project,” says Councillor Younger.

The Councillor said area residents are complaining of trouble sleeping and the constant noise from work at the interchange site.

“It seems strange to me that the Province doesn’t do everything it can to work with residents, on things like construction scheduling and other issues at the site - especially knowing the sensitivity of this highway project to begin with,” says Councillor Younger.

He said construction at the Dartmouth Crossings construction site shuts down at approximately 7 pm each night. However, Provincial construction operations on Highway 118 run throughout the day and night. Unlike private construction projects which must follow municipal by-laws regulating construction activity to between 7am and 10 pm, the Province is exempt from such provisions.


Councillor Andrew Younger




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