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Public Service Announcement

Community Rink Group Looking for Volunteers

(Wednesday, November 9/05)-- Councillor Dawn Sloane is partnering with a local community group to build and maintain an outdoor skating rink at the George Dixon Centre this winter.

Councillor Sloane is contributing $5,000 towards the project from her District Fund and a group known as The PEP Bro Divas, with members Jenette Beals, Pauline Clayton, Donna Dixon, Donna Nelligan, Jenise Smith, Michelle Verny, are making it happen.

The group is now trying to recruit volunteers for the coming winter season to help with:

Building the rink (1 or 2 days over one weekend)
Clearing snow off the ice
Flooding the rink
Rink Monitors

Anyone interested is asked to drop by George Dixon Centre on Tuesday, November 15th, from 6:pm to 8pm and sign up to volunteer.


Councillor Dawn Sloane
(902) 490-4752




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