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Halifax 2014 Officials to be Sporting New Logo

(Wednesday, March 8/06)-- Mayor Peter Kelly heads down-under this week to the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, and he’ll be sporting HRM’s new Canadian host city logo for the 2014 games.

Mayor Kelly, former Premier John Hamm and other dignitaries and staff officials are attending this year’s Games as observers, and trying to impress upon the judges from the 72 Commonwealth countries that Halifax is the place to hold the 2014 games.

“We’ll learn a lot from the Australians about what it takes to host a Commonwealth Games..what works, and what things to avoid. We’re also going to spend a lot of time meeting with officials from the other Commonwealth countries, telling them about Halifax and the Atlantic Provinces and, hopefully, convincing them that the 2014 Games should go to us,” he said.

The Mayor, the former Premier and HRM’s Bid Committee officials will be sporting the new Canadian host city logo-- with the bid line “Gathering for Greatness”-- on their clothing while in Australia.

“If we do our jobs properly, everyone who will be voting on where the 2014 Games will
be held should be very familiar with this logo by the time the Melbourne games are over. The logo has got the Maple Leaf, the Commonwealth colours for diversity and, most important of all, the designation “Halifax 2014," Mayor Kelly said.

(See attached PDF of logo and information about it.)


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