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Harbour Solutions Project Extended By 3 Months

(Tuesday, January 9, 2007) – Some unforeseen glitches will delay the completion date for the four-and-a-half year Harbour Solutions Project by about three months.

However, Halifax Regional Council was advised this evening the delay will mean no additional cost to the taxpayers, because HRM had insisted on a Guaranteed Maximum Price when the contract for the project was negotiated. In fact, over $2.5 million will be reallocated to the project’s general contingency fund, because a portion of the inflation contingency funding will not be spent as a result of the delay.

The adjusted schedule will move the project completion date to September 2008. The extension only affects the wastewater treatment facility component of the project. The Sewage Collection System and Biosolids Processing Facility schedules remain on target.

Difficulties procuring equipment, design coordination and code interpretation with sub-contractors and availability of short-notice labour to make-up the schedule were the reasons given for the delay. Additional management personnel has been added to the project by contractor D&D Water Solutions Inc. and crews are working longer hours to keep the project moving ahead as quickly as possible.

“ In a project of this scope with a timeframe of almost five years, a delay of three months is not at all uncommon.,” said Mayor Peter Kelly. “In this case, it demonstrates our contractor’s diligence in ensuring that every element of this massive project is completed to HRM’s very stringent specifications, as well as those of the federal and provincial governments. Residents can be assured the project is moving ahead as quickly as possible and remains on budget and it is being done right.”.

The budget for the Harbour Solutions Project remains unchanged at $333 million.


Mayor Peter Kelly
(902) 490-4010

Brad Anguish
Director, HRM Environmental Managment Services
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