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Public Service Announcement

Notice of Blasting Operations for New Streets in Kinloch

Subdivision, Fall River

(Friday, May 11, 2007) - This is to inform residents, business owners and property owners that blasting operations are required to complete rock excavation for new streets for Phases 4B & 5 of Kinloch Subdivision in the Fall River area. Consbec Inc has obtained a permit to carry out the blasting. Blasting will start on or about May 14 for approximately 2 months. Operations can take place Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm. No blasting will take place on weekends or statutory holidays.

Pre-blast inspections on structures within the pre-blast radius, as outlined in by-law B-600, have been carried out. Also, residents, business owners and property owners within a 300m radius of the construction site have been given notification of the operations. All requirements outlined in the blasting by-law have been met in order to have a permit issued for this project. Seismographs will be set up on structures in the area to monitor vibration and sound levels to ensure they do not exceed allowable limits set out in HRM’s blasting by-law.

For further information, residents may contact Kevin MacDonald, HRM Engineering Technician, at 490-4653.





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