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Detour in Effect - Route #60 Eastern Passage

(Thursday, July 19, 2007) - Metro Transit wishes to advise passengers of a detour that is currently in effect as of 1:30 PM today for Route #60 Eastern Passage. Due to a vehicular accident at the corner of Highway 111 and Pleasant Street in Dartmouth, Route #60 Eastern Passage will take the following detour both outbound and inbound from the Bridge Terminal:

The Route #60 will travel from the Bridge Terminal to the Woodside Ferry Terminal as per regular routing. The Route #60 Eastern Passage will then detour onto Highway 111 to the Portland Hills Terminal via Portland Street. At that time, passengers traveling to Eastern Passage can disembark and board the Special Metro Transit Shuttle that is offering 60-minute service to Eastern Passage via the Caldwell Road. This Special Shuttle will stay in operation for the duration of the detour.

The Route #60 Eastern Passage will follow reverse routing inbound to the Bridge Terminal from the Portland Hills Terminal, via Portland Street, Highway 111, to the Woodside Ferry Terminal, and assume regular routing. The Route #60 Eastern Passage will maintain its regular schedule.

Regular routing for Route #60 Eastern Passage will resume as soon as Pleasant Street reopens.

For more information, visit our website at or contact the HRM Call Centre at 490-4000.

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Lori Patterson
Public Affairs, Metro Transit
(902) 490-6609




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