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Councillor Offended by Mayor's Remarks, Tactics

(Tuesday, January 22/08)-- Councillor Debbie Hum says she is disappointed in comments by Mayor Peter Kelly, who stated earlier today that he will ask HRM's Traffic Authority to reconsider its decision not to permit the installation of traffic signals on the Bedford Highway in front of Mount Saint Vincent University.

"Comments like this only serve to jeopardize the integrity of the process, as well as my personal integrity as Councillor for the District in which this intersection is located. I am deeply offended that the Mayor would take this approach," Councillor Hum said. "The reason the Traffic Authority, who is appointed by the Province, approves crosswalk signalization and traffic signals-- and not Regional Council-- is to keep politics out of these decisions."

Councillor Hum said the recent car-pedestrian accident on the Bedford Highway in front of Mount Saint Vincent University was only the fourth in the last seven years at that location. Two of the collisions included one where the driver was impaired and the other failed to remove blockages (likely snow/ice) from his windshield.

"However, if you read comments in the media one might think there is an accident there everyday. The statistics do not bear out these claims and I urge the Mayor to be more diligent in his fact-checking. I'm sure that we all share concerns about crosswalk safety and want to see improvements, but decisions must be made on fact. Unfortunately, there is misinformation and inaccuracies swirling around this particular crosswalk issue," she said.

The Councillor said the recent accident is still under investigation by police and no charges have been laid yet either against the pedestrian or the motorist involved.

Councillor Hum said Halifax Regional Police and RCMP have been very vigilant in promoting crosswalk safety throughout HRM, including conducting regular and Traffic Unit patrols along the Bedford Highway in front of MSVU, which is high priority for the joint traffic unit.

In addition, HRM's Traffic Authority created a crosswalk safety booklet which was distributed to every household in the municipality last September. It is also available in recreation centres, libraries and HRM Customer Service Centres.

"A traffic signal does not guarantee pedestrian safety. It is the responsibility of pedestrians to ensure they make eye contact with the driver of a motor vehicle before stepping off the curb into the intersection. Also, the driver has the responsibility to stop when a pedestrian enters the crosswalk," she said.

Councillor Hum said she looks forward to the findings and recommendations of the Province's working group on crosswalk safety expected later this year.


Councillor Debbie Hum
District 16 (Rockingham-Wentworth)




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