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Demolition Company Hauler Fined

(Thursday, February 7/08)-- A demolition company was recently fined $4,600 after pleading guilty to charges of exporting demolition waste outside of HRM.

This was the second conviction for Marinus Verhagen Enterprises Limited, of New Glasgow. The first was a Summary Offence Ticket of $215.00 in 2005. For the second offence, HRM conducted long form prosecution seeking a higher fine amount. The maximum fine is $5,000.

HRM By Law S-600, which prohibits the export of waste, was upheld by the Nova Scotia Appeal Court in August 2007. The municipality says the recent court rulings sends a clear message to industry that the integrity of HRM's world-renowned, citizen-based solid waste-resource management system is protected.

In the HRM by an Administrative Order of Regional Council, 75% of demolition and construction material is to be reused and recycled at local private construction and demolition processing facilities, licensed by the HRM. Material from construction, renovation and demolition projects represents approximately thirty percent of all waste generated annually.

By approval of the Construction and Demolition Licensing By Law L-200 in 2001, the HRM is the only municipality in Nova Scotia that has formally adopted and implemented a strategy to maximize the recovery and reuse of materials from construction, renovation and demolition projects.


Jim Bauld
Manager, Solid Waste Resources




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