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Councillor Encourages Residents to Attend Woodlawn Library Planning Meeting

(February 7, 2008) Councillor Andrew Younger (East Dartmouth - The Lakes) is strongly encouraging Woodlawn Library users and area residents to attend a planning meeting on a future replacement for the facility.

Council and the library board are examining possible future uses and sites for an expanded facility.

"I worked at this library in 1991, during high school, and it was recognized as needing replacement at that time," says Councillor Younger. "Despite substantial residential growth in the area no expansion of this facility has happened."

The meeting, to be held at Prince Andrew High School, is intended to discuss the needs of a new facility in terms of spaces and programs, however input will also be taken on the location of the new library within the community.

"Clearly this library is important to the Woodlawn community as a facility which is easily accessible by foot and other means of active transportation by many people who do not have other means of transportation," says Councillor Younger. "I believe it is fundamentally important that the library location be easily accessible by foot and bike in the Woodlawn area as well as accessible to the wider East Dartmouth community by transit and car. It would do a disservice to the library and community at large if we don't locate the library properly and keep it central to the area."

During recent meetings on the Main Street / Tacoma Drive area many residents spoke about the future of the library and the need to ensure it remains central to the Woodlawn community whether expanded in its current location or in the Tacoma Drive area.

The library is well used by area school children, daycare groups, parents, and other groups who walk to the current location. The councillor says the future location of any facility will be important with respect to how the library functions in its important role as a driver of social and community development.

"I am very exited that after twenty years of talking about it we are moving on a new facility," says Councillor Younger. "I am confident that the library board and council, with the input of the public, will make wise decisions on the size, use, and location of the new Woodlawn Library."

Meeting Date: Wednesday, February 13
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Prince Andrew High School Cafeteria


Councillor Andrew Younger
District 6
(902) 476-1727



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