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Buyer Beware: Unacceptable Compost Bags Being Sold in HRM

(Friday, April 11/08)-- Residents are reminded that plastic bags for composting and plastic yellow bags for medical waste only are being marketing by some retailers in HRM are unacceptable for the municipality's compost cart system. Carts containing any type of plastic bag will be rejected by haulers and left uncollected at curbside.

Plastic bags web around machinery at the compost processing facilities and may be used to hide sharp objects that pose a health and safety issue.

Recently, stores throughout HRM have begun to stock these types of unacceptable waste disposal bags. HRM has advised the retailers in May 2007 and again in November 2007 that plastic of any type is unacceptable in the green cart compost system. Store visits have been conducted recently to again follow up on this issue.

Residents are advised to return unacceptable compost bags to the retailer. Some retailers have begun to respond to customers and HRM requests to remove the stock from shelves.
However, in the past week, more than 200 compost carts containing these plastic bags have been rejected for collection.


Laurie Lewis
HRM Solid Waste Resources

John O'Brien
Manager, Corporate Communications




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