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Tax Rebate Change Regressive

(Tuesday, April 29, 2008) - Councillor Andrew Younger (East Dartmouth - The Lakes) is calling on the provincial government to reconsider changes to the HST rebate as it pertains to electrical power.

Media reports today indicate the provincial budget may eliminate the HST rebate on portions of power bills below 27 kilowatts per day. The intent would appear to be to provide HST rebates only to those using electricity to heat their homes.

"While it may be desirable to try and tailor the rebate to those heating their homes with electricity, in fact a change, as proposed, to the rebate would result in an incentive to use larger amounts of power," says Councillor Younger. "Effectively what the provincial government would be doing is to make the use of more power cheaper through this change, completely defeating conservation efforts by individuals."

Councillor Younger also noted that with continual increases in power rates, the HST rebate on bills provided an important offset especially to lower income families who, even if they do not heat with electricity, use the electricity in their homes for basic needs such as keeping refrigerators running.

"While I understand the desire to keep HST rebates targeted to the heat usage, the changes reported to be proposed in the budget will increase costs for all families, and will provide a disincentive for families to reduce their electrical usage."


Contact -
Andrew Younger
Councillor - District 6
East Dartmouth - The Lakes




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