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Thirty Officers Promoted in Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency

(Thursday, May 8, 2008) – Last night Chief Director Bill Mosher administered the oath of office to thirty Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency firefighters at a promotion ceremony at the Quality Inn, Halifax.

Officer positions sworn in included:

Roy Hollett, Deputy Chief Director
Larry Williams, Assistant Deputy Chief Director
Bryan Clarke, Assistant Deputy Chief Director
John Verrall, Assistant Deputy Chief Director
Scot Shaffner, Divisional Chief
Michael Blackburn, Platoon Chief
David Clement, Divisional Captain
Craig MacDonald, Divisional Captain
Gerald Kane, Divisional Captain
David Meldrum, Divisional Captain
Brendan Dundfee, District Captain
Ian Smith, District Captain
Barry MacKenzie, District Captain
James Palmer, District Captain
George Kendall, Captain Wallace Scallion, Captain
Stephen Theriault, Captain
Stephen Nearing, Captain
David Slaunwhite, Training Officer
Christopher Mitts, Training Officer
Larry Varin, Training Officer
Robert Hebb, Lieutenant
Nadya-Lyse Pare, Lieutenant
Dennis Pitts, Lieutenant
Corey Beals, Lieutenant
Richard Fong, Lieutenant
Anthony Manning, Lieutenant
Brendan Meagher, Lieutenant
Nicholas Maheux, Lieutenant
Andrew Bednarz, Lieutenant

"As officers of the Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency, you are leaders of exceptional firefighters that have the training, the skills and the courage to mitigate any situation you will encounter," said Chief Bill Mosher. "I am honored to stand beside these men and women today that have proven they have what it takes to move up in the ranks of our Fire Department."

Among those honoured last night included Nadya-Lyse Pare who was the first female in the Department's history to be promoted to the rank of career operational officer.

Nadya-Lyse Pare works out of station 23, in Chezzetcook. She is the first female career operational officer ever in HRM, or in any of the departments that preceded amalgamation, including Halifax and Dartmouth.

Nadya has been a member of the department for 14 years, beginning as a firefighter and raising through the ranks, she was also an engineer.

HRFE Fire Chief, Bill Mosher says this is an important milestone for HRM because it demonstrates women can succeed in a traditionally male-dominated profession. He also hopes other women will recognize that brute strength is not a requirement to fight fires.

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For more Information:
Jeanette McPherson, Public Relations Coordinator
(902) 225-7432




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