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Less Waste = Environmental and Financial Savings

(Tuesday, June 3, 2008) - In 2007/2008, waste disposed in the HRM decreased by 4,746 tonnes , a 2.9% decrease over the previous year. Recycling and composting increased by 1,682 tonnes, a 2.5% increase, and construction and demolition material reused and recycled increased by 1,589 tonnes, a 9.4% increase.

For every tonne of paper, glass, plastic and metal recycled; food and leaf and yard waste composted; and construction and demolition material reused /recycled, HRM's environmental footprint is reduced, including green house gases and waste water. In addition, it preserves finite natural resources ( i.e. trees, minerals, and fresh water).

Every tonne of waste diverted from the Otter Lake waste processing and disposal facility extends the life of the $21 million landfill cell. In 2007/2008, the diversion of additional waste reduced HRM's operating budget by $350,000.

Please recycle and compost. Your participation does make a difference!

Make every week environment week.

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Jim Bauld
Solid Waste Resources




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