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Councillors Applaud Provincial Funding for Recreation Facilities at NSCC Akerley and YMCA

(Thursday, August 7, 2008) - Councillors Bill Karsten (Portland - East Woodlawn) and Andrew Younger (East Dartmouth - The Lakes) today applauded the investment by the Provincial Government of $150,000 into the pool and recreation facilities at NSCC Akerley Campus operated by the YMCA. This will be matched by the YMCA and NSCC for a total investment of $460,000.

The councillors have been part of a working group which has, over the past year and a half, been working on options for the long term viability of the YMCA in East Dartmouth. The costs associated with aging facilities have proven a challenge and the councillors say the funding will help address these issues.

"We are pleased that the province has seen fit to be part of ensuring the long term viability of the YMCA pool facility at NSCC Akerley Campus," says Councillor Karsten. "When we reviewed the availability of pool facilities in the area it was clear that this facility, while small, fills an important void which would be nearly impossible to fill if it had been forced to close."

"The Akerley campus pool facility formed an important part of the needs assessment for the new East Dartmouth Community Centre catchment area," adds Councillor Younger. "The loss of the pool would have been devestating. This facility also serves an important role in providing subsidized recreation services to a community which is heavily in need."

The councillors, and Mayor Kelly, met with provincial representatives about capital funding for the facility earlier this year.   The municipality had previously agreed to provide an annual operating grant of $30,000 to the YMCA, pending annual budget approval, for this location to assist in the provision of subsidized recreation services in the community, recognizing that it fullfills an important gap in current municipal program offerings in the area.


Councillor Bill Karsten
Portland-East Woodlawn

Councillor Andrew Younger
East Dartmouth-The Lakes




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