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Councillor Discouraged by Crosswalk Flag Thefts

(Thursday, August 14, 2008, Dartmouth) - Councillor Andrew Younger (East Dartmouth - The Lakes) is reminding people that the removal of crosswalk flags on Waverley Road is theft and will be reported to police for action.

Currently, a successful community based trial is underway using flags at marked crosswalks which pedestrians use while crossing the road. The flag program is financially supported by area residents and businesses. The councillor has contributed $1000 to the trial. The program is based on flag programs in Japan and the United States.

"The trial has had positive responses from pedestrians and drivers," says Councillor Younger. "The community deserves credit for initiating this trial and I am pleased to support it."

Unfortunately two days into the trial many flags go missing each day. Vehicles have been seen stopping and stealing entire buckets of flags.

"The stealing of flags is both illegal and mean spirited," says Councillor Younger. "The crosswalks have been adopted by area businesses and residents and we have been able to collect license plate numbers of cars involved in the act and will report anyone or any vehicle seen stealing flags to the police."

The community and councillor feel the program offers the possibility of saving lives and increasing crosswalk visibility at little cost. However should stealing of flags continue the program will be at risk.


Councillor Andrew Younger

Norm Collins


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