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Public Service Announcement

Dent's Punch Bowl Water Quality Advisory

(Monday, September 15, 2008) - The public is advised that water test samples taken on September 4 at the shoreline of Dent's Punch Bowl detected fecal coliform bacteria levels exceeding provincial and federal recreational guidelines.

This lake is not an HRM supervised swimming location.

Under these conditions, swimming and other forms of contact recreation should be avoided until further notice.

HRM tests the water quality of a limited number of unsupervised lakes for ecological reasons on a seasonal basis only. Lakes with supervised swimming beaches are tested weekly by the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment for recreational reasons during the summer swimming season which is now over for this year. For a list of the lakes HRM tests for ecological reasons, please check the HRM website at

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Community Contacts:
Councillor Linda Mosher, District 17: Purcell's Cove - Armdale 477 8618

Media Contact: Peter Duncan, Acting Manager SEMO 490 5449
Lori Patterson, Acting Manager, Corporate Communications 490 6787

Technical Contact:
Cameron Deacoff, Environmental Performance Officer, HRM Infrastructure & Asset Management, 490 1926




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