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Candidates Entitled To Campaign in Multi-Unit Buildings

(Tuesday, September 23, 2008)– Landlords and apartment building owners are being reminded that candidates in the October 18th Municipal and School Board elections are entitled to campaign in multi-unit buildings.

HRM's Returning Officer Linda Grant has received reports of candidates being denied entry into apartment and other multiple residence buildings.

"The Municipal Elections Act is very clear that landlords and building owners cannot prevent candidates or their representatives from campaigning in apartment buildings". Grant said. "The occupants of the individual units may, of course, choose to let the candidates into their units or not, but the candidates have the right to be in the building during reasonable hours".

The Act also upholds the right of renters of apartments and owners of condominiums to display elections campaign materials from their units.

Ms. Grant will contact the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia asking that it help get the word out to its members that the Act entitles candidates to campaign in apartment buildings and to prevent them is a violation under the Municipal Elections Act and is liable to a fine of $2,500 and in default of payment to imprisonment of not more than six months.


Linda Grant: Municipal Returning Officer
(902) 490-8683




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