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Municipal and School Board Elections - Election Night Results

(Saturday, October 18, 2008) - Earlier today Municipal and School Board elections will took place in HRM, as well as across Nova Scotia. Polls opened at 8:00AM and closed at 7:00PM.

The total number of votes cast in HRM was just over 100,000 of a possible 284,258 eligible voters, or 37 %. E-voting saw 10.8% of eligible voters cast their ballot. Advance polls were utilized by 6% of eligible voters. The 2004 municipal election saw a total of 48 % of eligible voters cast ballots. The 2004 ballot included a plebiscite on Sunday Shopping.

Unofficial election results in HRM are as follows:

Mayor: Peter J.Kelly (incumbent)

HRM Regional Council:
District 1: Steve Streatch (incumbent)
District 2: Barry Dalrymple
District 3: David Hendsbee (incumbent)
District 4: Lorilei Nicoll
District 5: Gloria McCluskey (acclaimed)
District 6: Andrew Younger (acclaimed)
District 7: Bill Karsten (acclaimed)
District 8: Jackie Barkhouse (incumbent)
District 9: Jim Smith (incumbent)
District 10: Mary Wile (incumbent)
District 11: Jerry Blumenthal
District 12: Dawn Marie Sloane (incumbent)

District 13: Sue Uteck (incumbent)

District 14: Jennifer Watts

District 15: Russell Walker (acclaimed)

District 16: Debbie Hum (incumbent)

District 17: Linda Mosher (incumbent)

District 18: Steve Adams (incumbent)

District 19: Brad Johns (incumbent)

District 20: Bob Harvey (incumbent)

District 21: Tim Outhit (incumbent)

District 22: Reg Rankin (incumbent)

District 23: Peter Lund

Halifax Regional School Board:
Districts 1,2,3,4 & 5: Unofficial results available tomorrow at District 6: Sheryl Blumenthal-Harrison
District 7: David Finlayson
District 8: Donna Hubbard

African Nova Scotian Member of the Halifax Regional School Board: Unofficial results available tomorrow at

Members of Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial: all acclaimed

Keith Coughlan, Jacques LeBlanc, Andre Surette

Detailed HRM election results are available at

For interviews with candidates, please contact individual campaign offices directly.

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James Campbell
Project Manager
HRM Corporate Communications Office




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