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Implementation of Reversing Lane on Chebucto Road between Roundabout and Mumford Road

(Friday, November 14, 2008) - The Chebucto Road Reversing Lane Project is near completion. The overhead lane designation signage scheduled to be activated on Monday, November 17th and to be fully operational at midnight Wednesday evening November 19th .

During the transition period from signage activation on Monday, November 17th until full operation midnight Wednesday, November 19th there will be two lanes designated outbound and one lane inbound. At midnight Wednesday November 19th the system will become fully operational, alternating the centre reversing lane at noon and midnight.

This new reversible lane operation on Chebucto Road will be similar to that on both the Herring Cove Road and Macdonald Bridge to which many drivers are already accustomed to using. The middle lane will operate in the east bound (inbound) direction to move traffic onto the peninsula between midnight and noon and in the west bound (outbound) direction to move traffic off of the peninsula between noon and midnight.

Motorists are advised to watch for and obey the painted lane markings and especially the new overhead lane control signals which will indicate the direction of travel permitted in the reversible lane depending upon the time of day.

HRM wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to motorist for their cooperation over the length of this project.

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Bruce Colborne, P. Eng
Construction Supervisor
499-4868 (Cell)




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