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Exclusive Bus/ Bicycle Lanes in HRM

(Friday, November 21,2008) Two exclusive bus lanes in HRM have been re-designated as exclusive bicycle/ bus lanes. Bicycle symbols have been installed on the left turn approach to the Macdonald Bridge on Wyse Road, and on the sign for the bus queue-jumping lane on North Street, just east of Gottingen. These new symbols are intended to designate these lanes as exclusive to both buses and bicycles.

While the NS Motor Vehicle Act requires cyclists to travel as near as practicable to the right side of a travel lane, in practice some travel lanes may be too narrow for a bicycle to share side by side with a bus. Transit operators and police have been advised that cyclists may legally occupy these lanes in a more central position when impractical to share side by side.

Other exclusive bus lanes in HRM including those on Portland Street and on Wyse Road at Alderney/ Windmill are paired with Transit Priority Signals. These signals are not currently applicable to bicycles and for this reason, these lanes have not been re-designated as above."



Hanita Koblents
TDM Coordinator
HRM Traffic & Right of Way Services
(902) 490-8474




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