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Mayor Kelly Unveils HRM's List of Infrastructure Projects at Big City Mayors' Caucus

(Thursday, January 15/09) B Mayor Peter Kelly shared HRM's opportunities for job creation and shovel-ready infrastructure projects at the Big City Mayors' Caucus (BCMC) of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' (FCM) in Ottawa today.

"HRM is in an excellent position to contribute to economic stimulus with a number of infrastructure projects that could start in 2009." said Mayor Kelly. "We have projects ready for transit, roads and streets, traffic improvements, solid waste, facilities and many more."

The FCM invited municipal leaders to share list of infrastructure projects at this week's caucus, which currently cannot start without additional federal funding.

"Spending money on these types of projects has an immediate effect on the economy as it creates jobs, increases productivity and offsets the impacts of a recession," explains Mayor Kelly. "Upgrading our infrastructure systems also builds a greener, more sustainable Canada and improves the delivery of environmental and social services."

HRM's list includes an extensive list of infrastructure projects for transit, roads & streets, sidewalks, curbs & gutters, traffic improvements, solid waste, facilities, community & property development, parks & playgrounds, business tools, equipment & fleet, industrial parks, HRM-owned assets, water & wastewater and community initiatives.

The Building Canada Fund (BCF) in the Federal Government is a major infrastructure funding program. However, Nova Scotia's largest municipality (HRM) is still waiting to access these funds. "While other municipalities in Nova Scotia have the advantage of spending their funds, HRM still wait. HRM is the economic engine of Nova Scotia and an infusion of infrastructure dollars will do much to stimulate our economy during these uncertain times", said Mayor Kelly. Major Kelly encourages the Federal Government to use the Gas Tax Model to flow the money to the municipalities." We have to be far more nimble if we are to effectively stimulate the economy," Kelly added.

"If you are going to be anywhere in the world today, Canada is the place to be. If you are going to be anywhere in Canada, Atlantic Canada is the place to be," stated Mayor Kelly. "Municipal infrastructure projects are an excellent way to create jobs for our residents and prevent them from having to seek opportunities elsewhere."

Visit to view a complete list of HRM's priority infrastructure projects.


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