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Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Reminds Residents To Stay Safe This Heating Season

(Wednesday, February 11, 2009) - Due to recent house fires that have taken place in the Maritimes this heating season, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency would like to remind residents to "Heat Their Home Safely".

Death and injury from careless use, improper installation and maintenance of heating equipment can be prevented if some basic fire safety tips are followed;
1) Keep all combustibles a safe distance from heating equipment.
2) Space heaters are designed to supplement your heating system, and not be the primary heating source for your home. Always remember space heaters need space.
3) All heating equipment, whether it is fuelled by wood, oil, propane, or other material, should be serviced annually by a qualified technician to ensure safe and efficient use of the heating equipment. Additional maintenance throughout the heating season may be required depending upon the amount the heating equipment is used.
4) Always store heating fuel in an approved container and location.
5) Maintain clearances on the heating appliances as set out by the manufacturer.
6) Store wood ashes in an approved container away from combustibles.

Residents are also reminded to maintain working smoke alarms in their home at all times, and to plan and practise their fire escape plan. If a fire occurs in your home, "Get Out and Stay Out", never reenter a burning building.

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Public Education Officer
Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency
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