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Councillor Wishes to Bust "Urban Legend" that Rules for Dogs in Point Pleasant Park Have Changed

(Friday, February 27, 2009) Councillor Sue Uteck, Northwest Arm - South End, has been receiving complaints from the public concerning a rumour that the rules for dogs in Point Pleasant Park will change as of April, 2009. Councillor Uteck wants to dispel that rumour.

For those using Point Pleasant Park with their dogs, there is signage that clearly indicates where dogs are permitted off leash and where they are not. There are rules that owners must follow when their dog is not on a leash in these areas and these can be found on the Point Pleasant Park website at . Animal Control Officers have stepped up their patrols in the Park, currently, to remind dog owners of the rules, as there have been some owners who have not been following them. This is intended to be an educational and awareness effort.

"Point Pleasant Park is a wonderful green space in HRM and provides enjoyment for those with and without dogs," says Councillor Uteck. "I encourage dog owners to obey the rules and pick up after their dogs so that it can continue to be an enjoyable space for all."


Deborah Story
Corporate Communications




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