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Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Warns Residents of the Dangers of Mulch Fires

(Wednesday, May 27, 2009) - Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency would like to remind residents that the use of bark mulch in and around homes and other structures can be a serious fire threat to you and your family. The risk of mulch fires is more common than one might think. These fires are particularly dangerous due to the proximity of the mulch to homes and structures. The fire starts in landscaping mulch, spreads into nearby shrubbery, then to the home or other structures.

Mulches are used for a variety of reasons including aesthetic appeal, nutrient content, and reducing weed growth. Regardless of the reason, proper care must be taken to prevent mulch fires.

There has been an increase in the number of fires that occur in landscaping mulch. Factors affecting the possibility of mulch fires include below average rainfall, dry conditions, and warm temperatures, all increase the risk. However, the most common cause of mulch fires is human carelessness.

In order to reduce the potential for a fire in landscaping mulch, follow these guidelines;

1) Limit the amount of mulch used within the immediate area of your home and structures. A clearance of 18" is recommended.

2) Recognize as the weather gets hot, the mulch will become dry, which enables these fires to start more readily. Consider watering mulch located near any buildings during dry conditions.

3) If you smoke, be careful when discarding smoking material in and around mulch areas.

4) Keep landscaping mulch beds moist if possible.

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Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency
Fire Prevention Division




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