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Annual Pavement Marking Program Underway

(Wednesday, June 17, 2009) - HRM’s annual pavement marking program is currently underway to freshen up faded yellow centrelines, white lane marking, crosswalks, stop bars and arrows.

The program administered through HRM’s Department of Transportation and Public Works begins in May of each year and continues through to August or later, depending on weather conditions. During that period HRM crews and contractors apply fresh paint to all road markings where it is needed.

Current or planned construction projects can delay some of the paint jobs, but project contractors are responsible for reinstating all pavement markings as a job is completed.

The painting program includes:
• more than 1,500 km of yellow centreline and white lane lines
• more than 65,000 metres of crosswalks and stop bars and
• more than 3,800 arrows.

Much of this work is done overnight in order to avoid conflicts with traffic and allow the paint time to dry without being disturbed.

Residents who notice faded paint markings in their neighbourhood or during their commute do not need to call to request a paint job. Rest assured it is included in the program and it will be repainted this year.

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