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Public Service Announcement

Councillor Uteck Invites Residents to Learn More About
the European Fire Ant

(Friday, June 19, 2009) Councillor Sue Uteck, District 13, Northwest Arm-South End, invites residents to attend a meeting on Monday, June 22nd at Saint Mary’s Boat Club, to learn more about the European Fire Ant, which appears to be a growing problem in neighbourhoods in her district.

Councillor Uteck has invited Dr. Andrew Hebda, of the Nova Scotia Museum, to come and share his knowledge of the nature of this ant and what homeowners can do to prevent its spread.

“If you are experiencing ant problems, it would be most helpful if you can bring a sample (in a container, such as a pill bottle) to the meeting for verification of its species,” says Councillor Uteck. “Please include location and date on your sample.”

What:    Meeting to Learn About European Fire Ant

When:   Monday, June 22, 2009, 5:30 pm

Where: Saint Mary’s Boat Club, 1641 Fairfield Road, Halifax

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Councillor Sue Uteck
District 13, Northwest Arm-South End




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