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HRMbyDesign Downtown Halifax Plan in Effect

(Friday, October 23, 2009) - HRMbyDesign’s Downtown Halifax Plan, which includes HRM’s first ever heritage conservation district plan for Barrington Street, will officially come into effect Saturday, October 24, having received provincial approval.

“We are very pleased to have received the official stamp of approval from the Province,” said Mayor Peter Kelly. “The plan’s streamlined development approval process and focus on high quality building and public space design will give downtown Halifax a competitive edge in Atlantic Canada and beyond.”

The Plan creates opportunities for more people to live and work downtown by encouraging a dense mix of residential, office and retail uses. It also improves liveability through the addition of public art, improved streetscapes and high quality architecture and open spaces. The quality of design will be regulated by the newly established citizen-based Design Review Committee.

“Over the past three years thousands of HRM citizens have contributed to this plan, along with members of the volunteer Urban Design Task Force,” said Andy Fillmore, HRMbyDesign Project Manager. “This plan balances robust heritage protections, such as the establishment of HRM’s first Heritage Conservation District, while promoting sustainable development on downtown’s many vacant and underutilized sites.”

HRMbyDesign envisions a vibrant, walkable, world class city for the 21st century. It is a key element of the Regional Plan adopted by Council in 2006, intended to provide an urban design strategy for the Regional Centre, including downtown Halifax.

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Mayor Peter Kelly

HRMbyDesign Project Manager
Andy Fillmore




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