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Public Service Announcement 

Dog owners visiting Point Pleasant Park
reminded to pick up pet waste

Friday, April 12, 2013 (Halifax, NS) – The snow is gone, spring is here and with it has come a noticeable amount of uncollected dog waste in Point Pleasant Park. HRM is placing flags next to those problem areas in the park today in an effort to create awareness about the need for owners to clean up after their pets.

Dog waste contains disease-carrying bacteria that can make people and pets sick and can pollute our waters. The By-law respecting animals and responsible pet ownership (A-300) requires that you clean up after your pet. Picking up your dog’s waste shows you care about your kids, your pets, your park and the people who work to keep it a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment.

Look for HRM's conveniently located poop bag dispensers at park entrances.

Visit to learn more about enjoying the park with your dog.

HRM thanks you for your cooperation.


Media contact:
Michaelyn Thompson
HRM Communications

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