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Fire department warns of safety inspector imposter

Friday, June 13, 2013 (Halifax) – Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE) is warning residents to be careful who they let in their home.

The fire prevention division of HRFE was alerted this week to two incidents in HRM where someone knocked on the door of a home and identified themselves as working for “fire safety”. The person claimed to be selling fire safety equipment.

One incident took place in the Leiblin Park area of Spryfield, while the other incident was in Sackville.

HRFE does not sell fire safety equipment to the public and was not in the area doing home inspections.

In most cases, HRFE fire prevention officers are first contacted by a home owner, landlord, or tenant about a potential fire-safety situation. We will then set up an appointment to visit the location.

When HRFE personnel arrive at a home they are required to be in uniform and wearing an HRM-HRFE identification card (with photo).

On the rare occasion an HRFE member does approach a home unannounced or unscheduled, the individual would again have to be wearing a uniform with I.D., and there would very likely be a fire truck parked nearby.

HRM residents are encouraged to ask for identification from anyone claiming to work for, or on behalf of, the fire department.

If someone approaches your home and appears suspicious, please call Halifax Regional Police at 490-5020.

Media Contact:

Brendan Elliott
HRM Communications




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