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Biosolids Management

The Biosolids Process

The material collected from wastewater during the treatment process, also known as biosolids, is a beneficial organic resource and an important component of the Harbour Solutions Project. Rather than landfill or incinerate this material, HRM is using this organic material for a beneficial purpose, as we do with our green cart and recyclables programs.

The dewatered biosolids leaving the 3 new wastewater treatment plants are transported to the new N-Viro Biosolids Processing Facility at Aerotech Park for processing.

The N-Viro process selected by HRM ensures a safe, high quality product suitable for a number of applications such as a soil amendment / fertilizer product, lime substitute or sod farming. The final product must meet USEPA Class A standards for biosolids products, and also meet Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements under the Canadian Fertilizer Act, for labelling as a fertilizer product for sale in Canada.

The Biosolids Processing Facility is in the Aerotech Park near the existing Aerotech Wastewater Treatment Plant. The facility is owned by Halifax Water. The process and product storage areas are entirely enclosed within the building and meet or exceed all regulations with respect to noise and odour controls.

The signing of the biosolids contract in October, 2004.

Biosolids contract signing October 2004

Diagram of biosolids processing process.

Biosolids Process diagram

Interior of the Biosolids Processing Facility, fall 2005.

Biosolids processing facility

Biosolids Processing Facility, summer 2005

Biosolids processing facility summer 2005biosolids processing facility

This is the end result of the biosolids process.

Biosolids finished product