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Wastewater Treatment Plants Photo Gallery

The Treatment Process... 

The Harbour Solutions Project will see the construction of three advanced-primary wastewater treatment plants (WTP) located in Halifax, Dartmouth and Herring Cove. The advanced-primary treatment process removes up to 70 per cent of the suspended solids in the wastewater.

Advanced primary treatment also adds chemicals known as flocculants to the settling process. These are the same type of flocculants used in the treatment of drinking water. These chemicals pull together some of the smaller particles and cause them to settle to the bottom of the settling tanks, where they and the flocculant are removed as part of the biosolids sludge.

The final stage of the treatment process is the disinfection of the effluent before it is released into the harbour. The Harbour Solutions Project will utilize an environmentally beneficial process known as UV disinfection. High-intensity ultra-violet lights are used to kill bacteria in the effluent.

The Halifax WTP is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2007; Dartmouth WTP in the summer/fall of 2007 and the Herring Cove WTP in the summer/fall of 2008.

See the advanced-primary treatment process diagram below for more detail.

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Biosolids Process Photo Gallery

Sewage Treatment Process

Dartmouth WTP, architectural rendering.

Dartmouth WTP architectural rendering

Halifax WTP, proposed building elevations Halifax WTP proposed building elevations

Halifax WTP, fall 2004.

;Halifax WTP fall 2004

Halifax WTP, fall 2005.

Halifax WTP fall 2005

Halifax WTP, spring 2005.

Halifax WTP spring 2005.


Halifax WTP, summer 2005

Halifax WTP summer 2005.

Halifax WTP summer 2005

Halifax WTP wet well area fall 2005

Halifax WTP wet well area, fall 2005.

Halifax WTP wet well area fall 2005

Halifax WTP, winter 2004

halifax WTP winter 2005

Halifax WTP winter 2005    


Halifax WTP winter 2004

Halifax WTP, winter 2005

Halifax WTP winter 2005  

Halifax WTP winter 2005

Herring Cove WTP, architectural renderings. Herring Cove WTP architectural rendering

Herring Cove WTP architectural rendering