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Sewage Collection System Photo Gallery

Construction activity on the Sewage Collection System (SCS) component of the Harbour Solutions project has been underway since fall 2003. Completion is scheduled for summer/fall 2008.

The function of the SCS is to convey effluent to the three new wastewater treatment plants. The SCS is made up of all required piping, pumping stations, a 1-km tunnel under downtown Halifax, outfalls and diffusers which help to distribute/diffuse the treated water over a wider area once it is discharged into the harbour.


70000-lb manhole

70,000 lb manhole.


1-km tunnel under downtown Halifax           

1-km tunnel under downtown Halifax, 2004.


AST pumping station fall 2003           AST pumping station fall 2005
AST Pumping Station, fall 2005.

AST pumping station, winter 2006

AST Pumping Station, May 2004.

AST pumping station May 2004

AST Pumping Station summer 2005.

AST pumping station summer 2005   

Balmoral Pumping Station, fall 2005.

Balmoral pumping station fall 2005         balmoral pumping station fall 2005


Balmoral Pumping Station summer 2005
Balmoral Pumping Station, summer 2005.

Balmoral Pumping Station winter 2006

Balmoral Pumping Station, winter 2006.


Circa 1813 shipwreck found near Dartmouth shoreline, fall 2005.

shipwreck found near Dartmouth shoreline

Downtown Halifax tunnel buggy.

tunnel buggy

outfall pipe
Halifax WTP outfall pipe being floated from Bedford Basin to location beside Casino Nova Scotia.

Same pipe being placed in water.

outfall pipe being placed in water


Pier A pumping station Barrington St summer 2005  

Pier A Pumping Station, Barrington St., summer 2005.

Pier A pumping station  Pier A pumping station

Pier A Pumping Station, winter 2006.

Pier A pumping station winter 2006

Pumping Station mechanical equipment.

pumping station mechanical equipment

SCS pipe work Northwest Arm

SCS pipe work, Northwest Arm.


SCS work Hollis St.

SCS work on Hollis St., spring 2005


SCS work on Lower Water St., 2004.

SCS work Lower Water St.

SCS work on Upper Water St., summer 2005.

SCS work on Upper Water St summer 2005

SCS work on Young Ave., 2004. 

SCS work Young Ave 2004

Trencher at work at the Dartmouth shoreline, fall 2005.


Same trencher, spring 2005. 


View from Halifax tunnel 23 metres to the surface.

Halifax tunnel