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Chebucto Community Council November 2, 1998 Agenda


  • Councillor Bill Stone, Chair
  • Councillor Russell Walker
  • Councillor Stephen D. Adams


  • Gary Porter, Planner
  • Gerard Donahoe, Building Inspection
  • Sandra Shute, Assistant Municipal Clerk


  • Councillor Hanson



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at 2750 Dutch Village Road with an Invocation. Councillor Stone advised that it was expected that Councillor Hanson would be off until at least the first of January.


MOVED by Councillors Adams and Walker to approve the Minutes of meeting held on October 5, 1998 as circulated. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.


Added Item: Encroachment Licence - Civic No. 486 Herring Cove Road - Councillor Adams

MOVED by Councillors Adams and Walker to approve the Order of Business as amended. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.


4.1 Status Sheet Items

4.1.1 Snow Removal from Sidewalks - No report.

4.1.2 Feasibility of Community Transit and Area Rate - Sambro Harrietsfield - No report.

4.1.3 Dumping - Harrietsfield and Williamswood and Possibility of Gate

Councillor Adams advised that he had met with Department of Transportation recently. It appears there are no provisions in the Motor Vehicle Act or any other provincial Act that would prevent a gate; however, if property owners or members of the public complain, then there was the possibility of the gate having to come down. He has been in touch with the local MLA and expects further information.




7.1 Fencing Permit Application - 19 Fairmount Road

A decision was deferred from the last meeting.

Councillor Walker advised he visited the site but neither of the two parties were home. Subsequently, he spoke to Mr. Bray but was unable to contact Mr. O'Day. As a consequence, he was willing to put a motion forward for a fence 7.5' high instead of 9' and reach a compromise between the two parties. He did not know, however, if Mr. O'Day was in agreement.

Councillor Adams said he had also visited the property and was willing to second Councillor Walker's motion when it was put. 7.5' was a compromise and was reasonable insofar as neither party got what they wanted.

Councillor Stone asked if 7.5' was for the actual fence or including the dip in the land to go straight across. Councillor Walker replied he meant including the dip in the land.

Councillor Stone, having put forward his feelings on this application at the last meeting, restated his views but said he would go along with the mover and seconder in the spirit of compromise. He then asked if the height of 7.5' stops at the garage and goes on out to the street as a low fence.

Mr. Gerard Donahoe, Building Inspection advised that the high part of the fence was intended to stop at the end of the garage.

MOVED by Councillors Adams and Walker that the Fence Permit Application for 19 Fairmount Road be approved to a height of 7.5', on the understanding that 7.5' would include the dip in the land and that 7.5' would stop at the end of the garage. MOTION PUT AND PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

7.2 Case 00035 - Rezoning of Lands at the End of Forward Avenue

An Information Report dated October 26, 1998 was before Community Council.

Gary Porter, Planner stated that staff had been advised that very shortly a rezoning application would be received from the residents. Additionally, a subdivision application has been received which is being reviewed by the Development Officer at this time.

MOVED by Councillors Walker and Adams to defer this item for another month. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.



9.1 Correspondence

A letter dated October 18, 1998 from Colleen O'Malley was before Community Council expressing concern with the proposed rezoning and redevelopment of the property at the intersection of Dutch Village Road and Mumford Road.

Mr. Gary Porter, Planner advised that staff was proposing to carry out an overall amendment to the Municipal Development Plan to enable application for a Development Agreement for high density residential development on a site that meets the criteria that will be set out in the policy. The Dutch Village Road site may or may not meet the criteria. There would be a series of public meetings allowing opportunity for public input.

Councillor Walker advised that the property in question would be under the high density proposal being brought forward and if staff did not include the information that it included that particular property, he would be informing residents of meetings so that the residents could have the opportunity for input.

It was agreed to receive the correspondence.


10.1 Case 7411 - Development Agreement for 553 Herring Cove Road

A Memorandum dated October 27, 1998 from staff was before Community Council advising that Community Council had already approved the rezoning of 553 Herring Cove Road to Schedule "L" to allow commercial and industrial uses to be considered by Development Agreement. There were no appeals and the appeal period has expired. Community Council was now able to make a decision regarding the Development Agreement.

MOVED by Councillors Adams and Walker to approve the Development Agreement attached as Appendix A to the Staff Report dated August 12, 1998 to permit a food processing and wholesaling facility at 553 Herring Cove Road. Further, that the Development Agreement be signed within 120 days, or any extension thereof granted by Council on request of the applicant, from the date of final approval by Council and any other bodies as necessary, whichever is later; otherwise, this approval will be void and obligations arising hereunder shall be at an end. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.

10.2 Case 00042 - Extension of Completion Date - Lot RP-11A, Spinnaker Drive, Regatta Point, Halifax - Polling District 17

A Staff Report dated October 20, 1998 was before Community Council in this regard.

Mr. Gary Porter, Planner provided an overview of the request to extend the time limit for completion of development. Staff was recommending extension to November 2, 2000.

Councillor Walker asked for clarification as to why staff was recommending a two-year extension rather than a one-year extension when he understood the developer intended to start work almost immediately. In reply, Mr. Porter advised that two years was standard. The Regatta Point Development Agreement has been extended at least seven times already and no extensions have ever been refused. If he was only granted a year's extension, he did not think there would be any problem with granting another year.

MOVED by Councillors Adams and Walker that the time limit for completion of development of Lot RP-11A Spinnaker Drive, Regatta Point be extended to November 2, 2000. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.

10.3 Membership Selection Committee

MOVED by Councillors Walker and Adams that Councillor Stone continue on the Membership Selection Committee. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.

11. MOTIONS - None


12.1 Encroachment Licence - Civic No. 486 Herring Cove Road

A report dated October 28, 1998 was before Community Council.

Councillor Adams advised that staff from J. L. Ilsley High School have been working hard to have a sign erected at Sylvia Avenue so that people going to the High School would know where it is. Issuance of the Encroachment Licence will allow a free-standing sign to be erected at the end of Sylvia Avenue. J. L. Ilsley High School is not the property owner of 486 Herring Cove Road; 486 Herring Cove Road is a convenience store and agreement has been worked out with the property owner.

MOVED by Councillors Adams and Walker to grant an Encroachment Licence to J. L. Ilsley High School for the purpose of erecting an illuminated encroaching free-standing sign at Civic No. 486 Herring Cove Road. MOTION PUT AND PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.



Ms. Mary McGrath, 33 Hamshaw Drive referred to reductions in the snow clearing budget and made the following comments re same:

  • Snow plowing in her area has been excessive. On her street, snowplows were known to go up the street, and sit at the end for half an hour. She suggested this was the type of activity to put a stop to, not those that would put people in danger.
  • With regard to sidewalk plowing, she said if there was a reduction in street plowing, then it was time to give up plowing sidewalks for free.
  • If side streets were not plowed on a regular basis, then the street would be packed

down and would ultimately be harder to plow, get icy and require more salt.

In response to Ms. McGrath's comments, Councillor Stone advised that the former City of Dartmouth pays an amount over and above to have their sidewalks plowed. The former City of Halifax does not do that.

Mr. William Phillips, 9 Crestview Drive raised the following points:

  • He expressed concern with the amount of time HRM vehicles and contractors spent going up and down his quiet residential street plowing nothing. In his opinion, they were racking up overtime hours and the money did not have to be spent. He expressed concern with the response from staff in charge of snowplowing when he raised his concerns. There was no question that a lot of money could be saved by getting hold of the overtime hours and stop running trucks around when not required and paying people wages to drive them, as well as the cost of fuel.
  • There was an excessive amount of salt put down, even when the pavement is dry.
  • He expressed concern with the hiring of a consultant from Toronto to look at snowplowing operations for a cost of $50,000. He wanted to know who was responsible for bringing in the consultant when HRM could not afford it and he also wanted to know why HRM staff could not have done it themselves. If staff were not capable of making decisions as part of their job, it was time to get rid of them and bring people in who can make those decisions without bringing in a consultant.

Councillor Walker provided information with regard to the snow clearing budget - the design of routes and the identification of priority streets, the fact that there is 12 hours allowed to clear priority streets after a storm and there will be no plows on residential streets until 12 hours have passed. He expressed concern that the residential streets might be in major trouble. He was interested in alleviating waste.

Councillor Stone advised that the objective of the consultant's report was to cut down on overtime and look at the whole system of street plowing. Staff needed an objective evaluator to work with them to devise a plan for a more efficient snow plowing operation. He understood that if plows could get to residential streets earlier, they would but priority streets would be publicized. The CAO has authority to approve a consultant up to $50,000; therefore, it was a surprise to Council as well. Until there was a measurable amount of snow this year, there would be no way of knowing how it will work.

Councillor Adams stated that the consultant was brought in as a time management tool to lay out routes. With all the misreporting in the newspaper, the perception will be that it will never be as good. There was $1.5 million in overtime last year and if the drivers are put on shift, you would get better service for less cost. The $1 million cut was approved by Council last spring. Staff came back to indicate how the cut could be carried out. He understood that 80% of the streets in HRM would be unaffected by the change. 20% would have the difference of being cleared after 12 hours, not 8 hours. Because drivers will be assigned routes, they will know the routes which will result in doing their job more efficiently and reduce damage to curbs. He suggested that until the first major storm, it was all speculation as to what was going to happen with the snow clearing budget.

Mr. Phillips then asked the status of Councillor Hanson's health. Having been given an update, he wished Councillor Hanson Godspeed on behalf of the residents of his District.


MOVED by Councillors Walker and Adams that Councillor Stone continue as Chairman of Chebucto Community Council.

Councillor Stone agreed to continue as Chairman.


16. NEXT MEETING - December 7, 1998


On a motion from Councillor Adams, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Sandra M. Shute
Assistant Municipal Clerk